Scopo Divino has a Family of amazing people who are helping make sure the wine bar is not only successful but something in the minds of everyone they know going forward. This team individually brought some investment to the table so have a vested interest in its success. They are family, they are friends, they are wine lovers, they are Scopo Divino.

Evanthia Zaharias & Jules Ryan

Evie & Jules are good friends of many years. She’s a nurse and he’s a musician, someone you might see playing at Scopo Divino from time to time.

Jennifer & Andy Harris

Jen & Andy are very old friends from days in Santa Cruz. They are avid fans of the San Jose Sharks, they are also wine collectors who just remodeled their kitchen, making room for more wine of course.

Dave & Roxane recently bought and are remodeling a great new house in the east bay. They are burners, they are travelers, they are great people.

David Paschich & April Ellis

Dave & April are famous for having partied together at the Bayou for nearly a decade without meeting one another.  They are close friends of ours, and wonderful creative people.


Deric Licko

Deric is one of the few lucky ones working for the City & County of San Francisco. He’s a truly handsome man, an avid hiker, and is somehow always in the right spot for the best sunsets.


Michael Weiss

Mike is currently gallivanting through Japan, spending his time learning the language and culture. His dry quiet humor is missed but we hope to see him back in the states soon.


Eric “Junai” Fincke

Eric is a compounding pharmacist with an amazing smile, laugh, and demeanor.  A free spirit in every sense of the word, we’re elated to have his energy joining us.