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January Steak Pickup & Prepare Dinner

We survived 2020, it's time for some outlandishly good wine and a delectable dinner​.  Chef is preparing a four-course meal to pair with the wines from our Silver Oak Tasting Event (

Being in that event is not mandatory, this meal is paired with a few other options you'll see in the add-ons:

The Food:

- Crab & Oyster Stew with Roasted Fennel & Market Veggies

- Tuna Crudo with Three Bean Salad, Nuoc Cham Dressing, Cilantro, & Scallions

- Rib Eye Steak, with Whipped Feta, Duck Fat Fingerling Potatoes, Italian Peppers, & Chimichurri  (NOTE: Video forthcoming on how to cook the steak!)

- Chocolate Bark with Marcona Almonds, Aged Olive Oil, & Maldon Salt

Recommended Wines:

- Silver Oak Wines Featured in our Virutal Tasting Event

- Options to add Champagnes & Other Big Reds that will Pair Well With this Meal

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