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JOIN US FOR HAPPY HOUR: 3pm-6pm, every day of the week!

Scopo Divino is born from a desire for cozy nights and great conversations over wine. Some of the best evenings to be had in this amazing city are tucked into sparsely known corners, rare gems with unique offerings of wine paired perfectly with delicious food, and of course memorable service.


We believe there is an emotional connection with the enjoyment of wine. Much as it is paired with food, wine can be paired to enhance or even change how you feel. As Wine Therapists of a sort: Our goal is to bring you memorably good service and help you best navigate our selection to match your moods and desires.


With a wine selection from all around the world, Scopo Divino brings you both well known and carefully chosen signature varietals from the regions that do them best, to wines rarely heard of or found. That said, we'll keep it simple and approachable as it should be.


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