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Wine barrels

Tim Schuyler Hayman

Founder, Sommelier level 1, Wine Therapist

Scopo Divino is a business concept that Tim has had in the works for a long time. He has started a few business ventures over the years, but he’s really been on a search to find the right fit, the right thing that matches his personality, passion, and dedication. He grew up around wine, his parents took him wine tasting from the tender age of four, not that he was drinking that much wine at the time of course but being around it, being around the wineries, walking through their caves, feeling the wood, the cool damp halls of gigantic vats, something about that stuck with him. He’ll never forget the two hands it took for his first taste of a Burgundy Grand Cru from a glass easily as big as his young head. He has a personal library of wine now and has found himself to be a patient wine drinker and aficionado, enough so that he is now a level 1 Sommelier, with plans to continue studying. His other big desire is to entertain, having thrown parties and worked in a service position most of his life, it was only a matter of time for these two passions to merge with the want of a good business concept. It’s from this life that Scopo Divino was born. His intent is to bring a better wine bar and lounge to the city he loves.

Tim is a San Francisco native, born in the city and raised in Marin and Sonoma. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz with degrees in Screenwriting and Italian Literature. He spent the last 10+ years in advertising for local businesses in San Francisco. Working with and studying small business, he learned what works and doesn’t work, best practices and approaches to success, and made excellent connections that will serve him along the way.

Matthew “Russell” Woods

Executive Chef, Lead Food Therapist

A Transplant from New Orleans, chef woods has lived in the bay for four years and has been the executive chef of Schmidt’s and chef de cuisine for Alba Rays. Prior to his move to the Bay Area he worked under chef Susan Spicer and was the executive Sous chef of the grill room at the Windsor court as well as Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits. Having a background in both pasta making and intricate knowledge of charcuterie and well traveled, expect to see many new items on the menu from around the world.

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